Brownfield, Maine
An Illustrated History
Proceeds benefit the Brownfield Public Library & the Brownfield Historical Society
This book begins with ice and ends with fire;
climate defined life then as now. 
Brownfield and the surrounding towns which make up the original Pequawket tribal area are rich in history. For at least 12,000 years the inhabitants used the Saco River and the cleared forests for their seasonal rituals of hunting, gathering and eventually planting. The deep connection they experienced between themselves and nature is a connection that continues today for many. 
The story, though, can only be pieced together out of fragments left behind and much is still yet to be revealed. The hand written notes on the backs of envelopes, the town reports, the diaries and school reports, the bits of light captured on glass plate negatives stored in cardboard boxes, the journals and calligraphed cards all tell a story of our town and of our commonality.   


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